eyelashes redefined by Latisse

What to Expect?

The Amazing ‘Before and After’ Effect

Before you start using Latisse, take a good look at your eyelashes. Take a picture – the makers of Latisse encourage it. They want you to see and enjoy your progress just as much as they do. That’s how certain they are that their product will work for people with thin or short eyelashes. Understand that it will take a bit of time, as much as 16 weeks, for you to see the complete Latisse results. Knowing what to expect will allow you to pick out the subtle differences in your lashes sooner than you think.

To get the best results, make sure you apply Latisse to your eyelash line each night. Within a week, you, your lashes, and the skin around them will get used to the routine. Latisse will be working inside out to provide you with darker, longer lashes. It will be difficult to notice at first, but after 4 weeks, many people within the clinical trial began to see results. A gradual thickness, darkness, and lash length will be more noticeable than before. By the time week 8 comes around, most people will see Latisse results. If you decided to take before and after photographs, you may be surprised to realize how big the difference is. Photos really are the best way to make comparisons as looking at yourself each day you will grow accustomed to miniscule changes, but a ‘before’ shot will let you take a look back on the condition of your lashes before Latisse.

After 16 weeks, 78% of people in the clinical study showed significant increases in overall lash prominence. How significant? The full results showed that lashes were, on average, 25% longer, 18% darker, and a striking 106% fuller! Consider for a moment the size of an eyelash and apply those percentages — those increases are huge! Mascara can only pretend to do what Latisse does for real, and even better, every night when you take off your eye makeup, while others wipe away their lash darkness, length, and fullness, yours will remain and be there when you wake up!

It is important to remember that Latisse does come with a few possible side effects, but nothing any more serious than what some people experience with every day makeup. After applying, a few users in the clinical trials experienced itchy eyes and some eye redness. Many of these users discovered that these side effects disappeared when they began to grow accustomed to the routine or realized they were applying Latisse improperly and began correct application. Excited as you may be with Latisse, it is a prescription product, so speak with your doctor for more information about Latisse to fully understand what to expect.