eyelashes redefined by Latisse

How to Apply Latisse?

As a newcomer, you may be wondering if there is any special ritual on how to apply Latisse. No need to worry, it’s a very simple process with only 5 short steps to take on your path to longer, fuller lashes. Add Latisse to your nightly bedtime routine and as time goes by you’ll be able to see the results. An even better way to document your success is to take photographs; start with a ‘before’ picture and every 4 weeks take another. By the time the 16 week mark arrives, you should have beautiful, revitalized lashes.

First, before you begin your Latisse usage, make sure your face is free of dirt and oil. A good skin cleanser can take care of both daily buildup as well as makeup. Take special care around your eyes to ensure that they are clean and makeup-free. Remove contacts if you wear them, and if you have other facial skincare products (such as a moisturizer), go ahead and apply them. With your facial care all finished, you are ready to start on the road to fuller lashes.

Second, prepare the applicator. This is done by removing the applicator from its tray. Remove is only when you are ready as it comes in a sterile package to keep your eyelash area free of unwanted dirt and bacteria. Hold it horizontally to ensure that the Latisse solution will not drip off. Turn the Latisse solution bottle to allow a single drop to fall upon the applicator. Be sure that you put the drop near the tip, but not directly on the tip itself as when you move the applicator over your eye, it will automatically be drawn toward the tip.

Third, draw the applicator over the skin along the base of your upper eyelashes. This is the area where your lashes meet your skin. If you wear eyeliner, this is the same place you want to place the Latisse solution. The skin should feel lightly moist and there should be no runoff of the solution.

Fourth, using a soft cloth or tissue, blot at the areas beyond your eyelid in order to remove any excess solution.

Fifth, dispose of the applicator. Each applicator is meant for one use—one eyelid. Avoiding contamination from eyelid to eyelid is preferred. Open a new package for a second applicator and repeat steps 1–4 for the other eye.

That’s all you need to do in order to develop fuller, darker lashes. The steps are quick, easy, and will take you only a few seconds to perform each night.