eyelashes redefined by Latisse

Thicker Longer Eye Lashes

March 22, 2012 · Posted in Health News 

Thicker Longer Eye LashesWomen tend to feel stubborn when the appearance of their face looks dull and damp. Many solutions are available nowadays to give a smooth and youthful appearance to the facial skin. Latisse solution is a prescription treatment, which is used to make ordinary eyelashes into darker thicker longer eye lashes.

Latisse is the first FDA approved prescription eyelash growth product that has been clinically proven to grow long eyelashes. Latisse is believed to have an effect on the expansion (anagen) section of the eyelash hair cycle in 2 ways

  • First, it may increase the length of the phase
  • Second, it may increase the quantity of hairs in the growth phase

The working of Latisse solution may be visible in the growth of thicker longer eye lashes. The results of Latisse may start from the 4th week of the treatment with full results obtainable after 16 weeks. The use of Latisse should be frequent to maintain a long-lasting effect and if once their use is stopped, the eyelashes return to the previous state.


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