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Latisse Maintenance Phase

March 8, 2012 · Posted in Health News 

Latisse Maintenance PhaseLatisse is the first prescribed treatment approved by FDA, which is used for the treatment for thin and small eyelashes.  When used regularly, Latisse may help the upper eyelid lashes grow longer, darker and fuller. Patient’s wanting to have permanent results of Latisse should follow the Latisse maintenance phase, even after the initial treatment.

Latisse is the prescription product which is used at home. Every individual applying Latisse should apply with a fresh applicator to the base of the upper eyelid, where the lash base meets the skin of the eyelid. The results of the Latisse maintenance phase are gradual, with initial results appearing at 4 to 8 weeks of continual use, and full effects becoming evident at 16 weeks after the initial application.

The effects of Latisse remain only as long as the product is used.  There is minimal downtime and no side effects in Latisse maintenance phase. The cost of Latisse ranges from $110 – $150 for one bottle, which contains a 45 days supply of the product.


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